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Connect with Colour

Whats the idea?

I believe in the therapeutic value of colour, so much so I wrote my masters thesis on just that topic!  Colour is light and it is measured in wavelengths.  Colour affects our entire organism through our bodily function, mind and emotion with the energy and frequency produced by light.  We not only see colour, we also "feel" colour through our biological processes and our central nervous system.    Light sensitive cells know as cones allow us to see colour but the real interesting part is simultaneously retinal ganglion cells respond to light by sending signals to the hypothalamus which is what causes our somatic response to light!  The colours you choose to surround yourself with are having a biological affect on you.

Connect with Colour is a colour focused therapy session for anyone who would like to access their inner knowing.  We use intentionality, visualisation, colour and journaling to tap into our non-verbal communication channels.  The invitaion is to ask yourself if there is an area of your life where you wish to see a shift in?  What would you like to achieve or change?  Use this opportunity to connect to your desires.  This will be your intention for yourself during the visualisation.

We go on a guided visualisation journey to meet the colour/s that represent your intention.  We use colour, art making and journaling to explore inner dialogue and discover what your inner knowing has to offer.  This practice will help you discover your power with in.  It is usually a 90 min private session but also works great as a group experience where you will get an opportunity to share and/or witness others on this nourishing journey.

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