The Visualisation Series:

The Chakra Colour Visualisations Series: Each visualisation is specific to a chakra.  We nurture the energy field associated with each chakra.  Through each visualisation we healing and nurture the chakra.  Good energy flow is important for our charka health.  A well-balanced chakra system can help us live a life of greater health, happiness, harmony, prosperity, love, protection and comfort.  Our chakras are the key to our spiritual power and possibility.

Connect with Colour: A visualisation to meet the colour/s that speak to intention you will set for yourself. This is an opportunity to connect to your desires and create a shift or a change for yourself.  We use art and dialogue to connect to your inner knowing.

The @artofinnerknowing and Destiny Sophia have created a series of visualisations using intentionality, breathe work, colour and dialogue to co-create a space with you to create a greater connection with yourself.  This is practice will allow you to connect to your body, nurture the mind and nourish the soul.

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