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Corporate Wellness + Rhythms of Self-Care

Whats the idea?

In this new world and a post covid work place reality we are quickly understanding that wellness and a rhythm of self care is vital to our health moving forward.  Burn out is on the rise, screen fatigue and depression are a reality so the question needs to be asked: "what do you need to build your rhythm of self care and take care of your wellness and mental well-being?"


I would like to co-create a space for you to nurture a greater connection with yourself.  A place where you can rest, recuperate and nurture your well-being.  It's time! Get in touch so we can work together.

Here are some idea's 

Breath Coaching: This is ideal for corporate wellbeing trainings.  With our breath we can affect our nervous system which pretty much runs the show.


I am sure you didnt wake up this morning and say "I wish Destiny would teach me complicated breathing techniques to help me manage stress!"  I teach simple, science-based techniques to help manage stress, balance energy, boost digestion and improve sleep.  The training can be tailor-made to suit your corporate schedule.  It works well online, in person and with groups.  You will learn not only how to use these simple techniques but also the science behind how it works in our body.  You will get plenty of individual support from me throughout the course and lots of resources and tools.  Get in touch and lets start breathing together! - I am a certified YogaBody breath coach.

Yoga Nidra: This works for groups, individuals, online or in person.

Sanskrit for Yogic sleep: which is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  It is among the deepest states of relaxation and a great stress reliever. It is a meditative technique and a meditative state of the deepest relaxation. 

It is a guided meditation practice which aims to keep the practitioners fully awake and aware while at the same time, extremely close to the boundary of complete sleep.  The result is an intensely deep level of meditation and over time and with regular practice, practitioners learn to achieve deep, non-REM delta wave sleep while maintaining awareness both internally and of one's surroundings.


The benefits of yoga nidra are extensive and nidra has been found to improve long-term sleep patterns, enhance physical and mental health, improve challenges associated with addiction and trauma, and boost overall resiliency and emotional balance. 

Guided Meditation Series: This works well for individuals and groups.  It is experiential and should be done in person.  


I work with all your senses to provide an experience that is restful, restorative and rebalancing.  Never meditated before? Not to worry, it is a guided practice, each meditation is based on one of our chakras.  All you have to do is relax and listen to my voice and I will take you on a journey into your imagination.

  • What is a chakra? Imagine energy flowing through two pathways snaking up your body. Where these energy pathways cross each other causes a concentration of energy and this is called a chakra. We have 7 main chakra's. You can affect this flow of energy by concentrating your mind and working with crystals, colours, essential oils and sound vibration. During each guided meditation I deepen this experience with colour and crystal therapy as well as using the healing vibration of sound and essential oils associated with each chakra.


  • Benefits of meditation: reduces stress, increases self-awareness, calms negative emotions, widens imagination, strengthens patience, helps to control anxiety, lengthens attention span.






Team Building with Creativity: Nurture team cohesion with a workshop that provides an opportunity for your team to take small creative risks together.  If you grow and expand in one area you naturally grow and expand in other areas.  This is why it is so important to have opportunities to nurture our creative side.  Nothing crazy, just good old fashion fun with a couple of pens and pencils.  Contact me to discuss idea's   

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