Expressive Arts in Transition

E.X.I.T: This program was created by Melinda Meyer PhD, founder of the Norwegian Institute for Expressive Arts and Communication.   The program is ten weeks and designed as an early intervention of trauma for people in transition.  It was originally designed for refugees in waiting centres to help them start to process the trauma and bridge the gap between past and future.  It is still being used with great success in refugee centres in Scandinavia and across Europe.

Refugees arriving in a host country often report relief that they have finally made it to safety, but frequently don't have words to express themselves. Having come from a place where expression meant prosecution, saddled with language barriers and fear, a traumatised person can be plunged into isolation which severely affects a healthy integration into a new society. These people stand at the threshold of this "in-between" space with a failing sense of identity, time and community.  It is essential to give them a space and the tools to navigate back to a healthy world.

The frame and principles of this workshop can be applied to suit different situations where the aim is to reconnect to a sense of identity, create a sense of stability, connect to the senses and use art as a platform.  

I am a trained E.X.I.T facilitator.  



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