Breath Coaching

Yoga breathing helps us manage stress, boost digestion, improve sleep, balance our mood/energy and increase mental focus.  Learn yoga breathing practices with me; informed by modern science to provide safe, practical exercises that deliver immediate results.

Your breathing patterns are defined primarily by your rate of breathing.  You can affect your breath and nervous system response in a matter of minutes simply by changing your breathing rate.

Join me for a one month, four session, breath coaching.  I will teach you three categories of breathing techniques: Water, whiskey and coffee.  Water breathing is balancing and can be used anytime of day or night.  Whiskey breathing is down-regualting, relieves stress and can help you sleep. Coffee breathing is up-regulating, wakes you up and prepares your body for activity and exercise.

Contact me for a 20 min discovery session to see if Yoga breathing is right for you.

I am a certified YogaBody breath coach.