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School Kids Meditating

Yoga Nidra

Whats the idea?

Yoga Nidra: This works well for groups, individuals, adults and kids: online or in person.

Sanskrit for Yogic sleep: which is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  It is among the deepest states of relaxation and a great stress reliever. It is a meditative technique and a meditative state of the deepest relaxation. 

It is a guided meditation practice which aims to keep the practitioners fully awake and aware while at the same time, extremely close to the boundary of complete sleep.  The result is an intensely deep level of meditation and over time and with regular practice, practitioners learn to achieve deep, non-REM delta wave sleep while maintaining awareness both internally and of one's surroundings.  One hour of Yoga Nidra has the same benefits as 4 hours of deep sleep.


The benefits of yoga nidra are extensive and nidra has been found to improve long-term sleep patterns, enhance physical and mental health, improve challenges associated with addiction and trauma, and boost overall resiliency and emotional balance. 


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