Meet Destiny

Guided Meditation Practitioner, Breathing Coach and Expressive Arts Therapy M.A

I took a gap year after high school; I was going to work in London at the famous Harrods. However, I found myself disenchanted with my choices and dreamed of something more adventurous.  Staying fluid led me to the yachting industry and I spent the next seven years working as a private chef and sailor.  I was quite literally now going with the flow, sailing with the tides, rolling with the waves.


I was full of youthful naivety.  My learning curves steep and my personal challenges plenty.  What I was learning would later help me develop the mindful practice I now teach.  How I approached these challenges has influenced how I now approach my mindful practice.


Mindfulness is the ability to choose where you place your attention and to keep it there.  This is your lighthouse. Thoughts come and go but you have the ability to come back to your focus point.  You are adjusting course, going with the flow and then bringing it back.


Meditation is not about mastering the practice but rather about learning to let go.  The endless horizon at sea is the grand expanse of your mind.  I have spent many days looking out into the nothingness of the ocean, as well as countless hour exploring the landscape of my mind finding happiness and hope.  It helps to have a point of focus, a lighthouse.


Having a focus allows you to move through your many days at sea and navigate the landscape of your mind.  Your guided meditation practice with me - I take you on a journey to meet an aspect of yourself you wish to nourish.  We work with your senses, importance is placed on creating your space, we breath and we prepare for the journey.  We know that the slightest adjustment to your course at any time means that your final destination will be very different from before.  You may not see it where you are now but I guarantee you will not be arriving at the same destination.  It is never too late to start something new!


Aquamarine is also the crystal of courage, inner strength and soft resilience.  Something very much needed when taking a journey.  It also evokes purity and spirituality. 


My approach to mindfulness and meditation is perhaps not ‘traditional’ or linear but it works for and maybe it can work for you.

I am also a trained and experienced creative facilitator, a therapeutic art life coach, a trained E.X.I.T (Expressive Arts in Transition) facilitator, an expressive arts practitioner, a Yoga Body breathing coach and a trained Yoga Nidra facilitator.  I hold a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in psychology.  I am passionate about co-creating a space with you to nurture a greater connection with yourself.


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