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If you were an ice-cream flavour?

Once upon a time someone told me that I was like plain vanilla ice-cream! Admittedly this wasn’t a comment about my personality but rather what my investment portfolio might look like but I still remember my visceral reaction to being told I was plain Vanilla (before the explanation). I thought to myself “if I am going to be an ice-cream flavour, I want to be like...”

The ice-cream industry has evolved quite a lot since the invention of ice-cream and we now have literally every flavour under the sun as well as flavours of the month and limited editions. So much choice.

If I were vanilla ice-cream, I would have lots of little tiny specs of vanilla bean scattered throughout my slightly off-white dairy ice-cream. I would have a consistency of a luxurious and rich texture that is not too sweet and just right. The perfect creamy vanilla bean ice cream which is so hard to find!

So, what if we thought of our experiences as ice-cream flavours? Our journey through life builds an assortment of ice-cream flavours creating a carousel of variety and depth. Sometimes life doesn’t always give you the perfect scoop of Vanilla but rather something that might resemble a Rocky Road (ice-cream) per say. As you begin to scoop the rich chocolate ice-cream with chunky bits, sometimes it starts to fall apart. Marshmallow, nuts and chocolate chunks fall off the scoop and back into the pot while other bits remain perfectly held by the rich dark chocolate ice-cream. Although eating ice-cream is always a pleasure, a Rocky Road suggests a life experience that was less than perfect. One thing is for sure, this ice-cream life is full of texture and surprise with each spoonful, and you never really know what you are going to get.

Sometimes life can be like Cookies and Cream, Rhum and Raison or mint chocolate chip; filled with chucks of different experiences, colourful events or sweet and sour feelings while some days will be like the perfect Vanilla ice-cream. Imagine if we approached life’s challenges like our ice-cream flavours; according to what will satisfy your desires (for ice-cream). Could be interesting no?

Forest Gump’s mother said that life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. As true as that is, let’s take it one step deeper and choose our box of chocolates or keeping with the theme of this article, our ice-cream flavours according to our desires. Let’s build a carousel of ice-cream flavours from our desires. The bitter sweet adventures of Salted Caramel or the sting of a Chilly Chocolate softened by the carob.

If we approach our experiences from the direction of what makes us happy or what (flavour) do I desire, we focus on what makes us happy rather than what makes us unhappy.

Our minds are immensely powerful and the way we choose to feel about a situation or challenge can help us navigate to a vastly different outcome. If we had a bountiful choice of ice-cream flavours available to us and we chose to enjoy each scoop with all its surprise and wonder because we are orientating ourselves towards what we desire.

Ice-cream for breakfast…I want to choose daily what ice-cream I scoop into my bowl. I want to empower myself towards my desires and actively create my ice-cream carousel and enjoying my desires in all of their rich and complicated ways. Ooh and then we can start to talk about toppings and sauces and finish our bowl off with a cherry on top!

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