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During my dive into co-creating a space to nurture a better connection with myself, I reached out to various communities to ask what others were doing. Breath work, yoga, meditation, sound work and mindfulness are all ways we can connect to ourselves. In particular these are very helpful when nurturing a connection with our Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is our connection to source or our creator’s energy. It is one of the most challenging chakras to work with because it is connected to how we are experiencing love in this lifetime. At the Crown Chakra we are reunited with absolute love. Here we have unconditional and universal love. Access to this love fills in the gaps of the love that we are not experiencing in our Heart Chakra.

If you cycle back to my blog post about Lovers Lane and Heartbreak Hill, we know that love, which we are all in search of the experience of love, is a tricky one because during our human experience, experiencing love is magic and then usually followed by heartbreak. Knowing that I come from a source of unconditional love does sooth me somewhat now but it doesn’t negate the fear that I have sometime experience when falling hopeless in love with someone that ultimately breaks your heart.

I have been in love a couple of times. Actually, I think it is safe to say that I have been in love with love a couple times. It’s a wonderful exciting feeling that fills me with unlimited confidence and feelings of this is all I need. The moment love gets its little hook in me, all my sense goes out the window! The walls I built around my heart come crashing down and I embrace love with open arms! The experience is so personal for each that at the time you don’t think how love is being experienced by the other. You confidently say those three words and the person you say them to either rejoices or retreats in fear. If it is fear you are met with then you go from the highest mountain to the lowest valley in a matter of seconds. My world ends and I search for meaning everywhere. How can love hurt so much?

I think loves has a bit of a bad reputation because we do a lot in the name of love and effectively it is our interpretation of love that we are projecting onto love that has hurt us so much. Its full of conditions and expectations however, the result of traveling along this road is expansion, knowledge and experience, all the good stuff that we came here for, to have a human experience and to feel. I can’t wait to fall in love again but next time I am hoping that I won’t forget all that I have learned from past loves that I have lost.

In the mean time I will continue to nurture a relationship with my Crown Chakra so that I may become more familiar with what unconditional love feels like during my human experience, and so that I may recognise it in the next heart that I meet. Maybe next time I fall in love I will have a different experience with falling in love and it will be more about love itself and not the idea of love.

Find the Crown Chakra visualisation HERE. In this visualisation will nurture your Crown Chakra which is the source of physical and spiritual healing. We will go on a journey to a place where you feel welcomed, understood and seen for who you are. The Crown Chakra sits at the top of your head, it is a bright violet disk that shines with a violet ray of compassionate and protective light. The colour it is associated with is violet. It is also known as Sahasrara.

You can also get in touch and we can do it together. I would love to co-create a space with you to nurture a greater connection with yourself. May you become an artisan of your inner knowing. With gratitude and kindness DestinySophia

If you have tarot cards the Major Arcana: The Hermit is associated with the Crown Chakra. The Gemstones include: Amethyst, auralite 23, charoite, lepidolite, purple fluorite, scapolite, selenite, stitchtite, sugilite and super 7. The essential oils and herbs are: Frangipani, Gotu Kola, lavender, Palo Santo, pink lotus, spikenard, St John’s wort.

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