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Root Chakra Awakening

As an expressive arts practitioner I have had the honor of witnessing how the arts can provide a space for people to process, learn and enhance the quality of their lives. This past week was spent in the south of France collaborating with a long-time friend and colleague. We created a workshop to awaken the root chakra. Our root chakra is our survival center and the center through which we experience our connection to the earth. It’s the first of our chakras to develop as we come into this world. A healthy root chakra keeps us grounded and helps us move forward in life.

Each soul that came to this awakening workshop had their reasons to be there. Whatever their reason was, they were all experiencing something similar, the sensation of their survival center being rocked by something in their lives and they were looking to activate this energy center and draw on their most basic right to feel safe, secure and protected.

We started the workshop with some basic knowledge about our chakra system. Then we did some movement to come into our bodies and awaken our root chakra. Then I asked the group to choose their root chakra crystals and place the crystal on their root chakra. How crystals work is through entrainment. We are vibrational beings and the energy of our root chakra has its own vibration. Crystals also have a vibration and they vibrate at a higher frequency then we do. When two vibrations come into contact, they want to match, generally the lower vibration will raise to match that of the higher vibration. Therefore, when we place the root chakra crystal on our root chakra, if there is a vibrational difference our root energy will work to raise it’s vibration to match that of the crystal.

I asked the group to get comfortable as we will be moving into the visualization; “I will take you on a journey to meet your personal power and we will nurture feelings of safety, security and protection.” For those not familiar with a visualization it is a journey into your imagination and it’s a powerful way to tap into our subconscious. After this journey we moved into root chakra specific yoga to ground the work we had just done. Time was spent sending our roots deep into this earth to really connect ourselves back to what we know to be true.

To bring our experience in the visualization into the physical, we use art as a way of knowing. I gave the group oil pastels and paper and they had 15 mins of art making where the group could draw what they experienced. We followed this with 30 mins of journaling to uncover what their inner knowing has to offer. I gave the group some journaling prompts to help the process along. We then opened the circle to sharing, my favorite part, to witness brave souls share what was moving within.

It was inspiring to witnessed the group say “I am” here and “I am” strong. For some it was a gentle whisper, while for others it was a roar! I heard you both and it inspired me to be strong in my own life.

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