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Speaking my truth

Growing up is hard, being human is hard, being a young human is harder. I have a vague memory of hearing the words “children should be seen and not heard”. If this sounds familiar to you, I think it was pretty standard in the 70/80’s.

I don’t actually have a good memory of my childhood, it kinda comes through in bits and pieces but I do remember some of the negative feelings. There was a lot of frustration and eventual anger. I think I was a pretty naughty kid. I don’t really remember feeling seen, heard or even asked. I have vague memories of speaking out and only getting into trouble. It was easier to slide under the radar, keep quiet until I was old enough to have an opinion. Well, that didn’t really work for me because I became an adult without an authentic voice and a functioning throat chakra; and so, started my journey to finding my voice again.

I remember my first pottery class and falling in love with clay. Looking back, I poured all my unheard desires, suppressed voice and frustration into my clay works. Ceramics was an important part of my evolution, more then I realised at the time. It was also the beginning of a long road to finding my voice. The Sacral chakra may be the centre of our creativity but it is our Throat chakra that allows us to express those ideas without fear of judgement and if I am honest expressing myself without fear of judgment is something I am still working on.

A balanced throat chakra helps to set us free from the fear of judgement or need for approval from others. We embrace our personal truth and expression. We feel our voice is valued, treasured and appreciated. We embrace our authentic self. A balanced throat chakra also allows us to communicate well, express our thoughts and feelings as well as idea’s. It allows us to have a healthy internal dialogue and a good balance between speaking and listening. All really good stuff when it comes to sharing our truth, having good social skills and personal integrity!

As I have written and developed these Chakra visualisations, I have connected personally with each one: “If this feels true to me, it must be true for others, and, I can’t be the only one feeling like this.” I began to wonder how can I heal and share my healing tools with others? So, this series of Chakra Colour Visualisations was born.

I feel the act of research, scripting, recording and eventual release of this series has allowed me to do some healing. It has been a practice of connecting to my body, nurturing my mind and nourishing my soul! Each visualisation is specific to a chakra and through each visualisation we heal and nurture the chakra. Good energy flow is important for our chakra health. A well-balanced chakra system can help us live a life of greater health, happiness, harmony, prosperity, love, protection and comfort. Our chakras are the key to our spiritual power and possibility. I have found an outlet for my voice and I can share that with you without fear of judgment (almost no fear!)

I feel like the whole world is going through a collective rebirth of the Throat Chakra. A beautiful evolution indeed as more and more people are standing up and speaking their truth. Don’t wait any longer to find your personal truth and expression because there is a collective revival on your side. You won’t be the only one speak up!

Find the Throat Chakra visualisation HERE. This visualisation will nurture your personal truth, expression and voice. We also honor the unheard child and release her/him from the chains of suppression. The Throat Chakra is located in the centre of your throat, where your Adam’s apple sits. The colour it is associated with is blue. It is also known as Vishuddha

You can also get in touch and we can do it together. I would love to co-create a space with you to nurture a greater connection with yourself. May you become an artisan of your inner knowing. With gratitude and kindness DestinySophia

If you have tarot cards the Major Arcana: Justice and Judgment is associated with the Throat Chakra. The gemstones include: Amazonite, angelite, aqua aura quartz, celestite and turquoise. The essential oils and herbs are: Bay laurel, blackberry, blue chamomile, blue yarrow, coltsfoot, common sage, elderberry, eucalyptus, fir balsam, geranium, lemongrass and petitgrain.

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