What is the Idea?

The Expressive Arts is the practice of using any and all art modalities together in an integrated way in service of enhancing quality of life.  

The human story has always included music, movement, creative arts and ceremony; we awaken our creativity to discover our resources within, empowering us to honour the beauty of our human story and our potential. 

The arts can nurture our soul, provide an opportunity for self-care, foster connection, build community, resilience and bring about social change.


Expressive Arts Therapy is an art-based approach to psychotherapy.  It puts the creative process at the center of change and development.  It applies all art modalities together to nourish emotional development.   It fosters change through both verbal and non-verbal communication, allowing for growth and process through the lens of creativity. It can be applied to the fields of therapy, coaching, conflict transformation, peace building and education.  Through creativity we can find practical tools to help us heal.

The practitioner selects the art forms that are best suited to the client and the issue for the need of expression, creativity and emotional process.  We move from one art form to another, be it movement, visual art, music, poetry, theatre or film.  This multi art form approach allows us to expand our understanding and range of arts to find practical tools and overcome our challenges.  


Creativity allows us to find solutions.