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Connect with Colour

- A colour focused Workshop




For anyone who would like to access their inner knowing.  We  use intentionality, visualization, colour and journalling.  Come and nourish your soul - great for groups or individuals


Let's get Creative! 

- Workshop designed to suit your needs



The arts gives us a platform to explore our potential, process or create a shift in an area of our lives.  One to one, groups or corporate. Online or in person.


 Let's flex your creative muscle! 


The Visualisation Series 




A series of visualisations using breath work, colour and dialogue to co-create a space to nurture a greater connection with yourself.


Breath Coaching

- One month breath coaching.




Learn practical breathing techniques to help manage stress, boost digestion and improve sleep 


What is Poiesis? - To know by creating 

"We can use art as a way of knowing:  art making can be a process of inquiry leading to the emergence of knowledge.  I believe creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it will become.  Join me in flexing your creative muscle.  Accessing our creativity allows us to find creative solution around what is standing in our way. Art-making and creative thinking can help us discover our inner power.  This is the art of inner knowing" 

About me

My name is Destiny Sophia Gagiano; global citizen, visual artist and lover of humanity.  I have had many careers but with this one I feel like I am home.



"My connect with colour session helped me map out what the situation was for me and to make sense of it because we put an image to my issue which helped me with some realisations.  It helped me slow down, step back and actually have a conversation with my anxiety" - Client CFS1902