Hi, I’m Destiny Sophia

guided meditation and expressive arts practitioner.  Welcome to the Art of Inner Knowing.  Explore what I offer and let's co-create a space to nurture a greater connection with yourself

What is...


To know by creating

We can use art as a way of knowing: art making in all its different forms can be a process of inquiry leading to the emergence of knowledge.  Welcome to the art of inner knowing

The Expressive Arts as a therapeutic practice


Global citizen and lover of humanity

University of life

MA Expressive Arts Therapy, minor in psychology

European Graduate School, 2020

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"My connect with colour session helped me map out what the situation was for me and to make sense of it because we put an image to my issue which helped me with some realisations.  It helped me slow down, step back and actually have a conversation with my anxiety" 

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