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"...because working with your mind body connection is one of the easiest ways to nourish your mental wellbeing"

Meet Destiny Sophia

Mindset Specialist: Guided Meditation, Breathing Coach, Expressive Arts Therapy M.A

If I were a crystal, I would be an aquamarine.  They represent happiness and hope.  They are also thought to protect those at sea, making sailors safe on the open waters.

Interestingly enough, in my twenties I worked in the yachting industry, sailing around various parts of the world and crossing oceans.  Fair winds and following seas we would say as we chased the sun.

Aquamarine is a stone that says; go with the flow and stay fluid.  If one way of doing things doesn’t work then find another.  Remain open to seeing things from different perspectives.  Nurture curiosity, plans can change, obstacles arise, chart a new course.  Oh the excitement!  

As one of my favourite poets Nayyirah Waheed writes:

You do not have to be fire

for every mountain blocking you

You could be a water and soft river

your way to freedom, too.


You could be water - I just love that line!  It's a thought that gives me strength, the idea of softly, like a river finding freedom. 


What are the Benefits of Using a Mindset Specialist?

Guided Meditation: improves focus, helps you regulate your emotions, reduces burnout and stress while developing mindfulness.  I teach a sensory approach

Breath Work: reduces stress, improves sleep, digestion and mood.  I teach simple and effect techniques

Mindfulness: improves attention, memory, helps emotional regulation and enables you to create new neural pathways

The Expressive Arts: will vary your perspective, access your none verbal communication, relieve anxiety, increase self-compassion, mindfulness and meta-cognition.  I use a low skill method, no art experience needed!

In general a Mindset Specialist nurtures mental wellbeing and creates a rhythm of self-care.


Q: What would you like to achieve, change or focus on in your life?


"Our body communicates with the world around us through our senses, let's speak the language of our body!" - Sensory Meditation

Destiny’s root chakra guided meditation was relaxing and her voice calm and soothing. It took me to a place of deep tranquillity that left me feeling positive and refreshed for hours after the meditation finished.  I followed her instructions to set the environment up for the best effect and got comfortable before beginning. Some elements of my visualisation during the meditation where indistinct while others were crystal clear.  At the part where she spoke of energy flowing into my body like a river, I felt these pulses of energy from the stone placed at the root chakra location and then I felt the energy flow and pulse around/through my arms. It’s a peculiar but pleasant feeling!  I will be making this meditation a regular part of my self care process and only wish I had started sooner.

- Jasmine, artist England, UK

“In each new session it feels like I am able to drop deeper into my sense of safety and comfort within. I feel held and gently guided throughout the meditation by Destiny’s soothing, other-worldly voice and her precise choice of words. There is no filler or fluff here, only what is expertly required for me to remain focused and feel into my body.”

- LB, Company Director Cape Town, RSA

“Thanks to the session with Destiny, I was able to take a magnificent journey into my subconscious that has helped me connect with my feelings and senses. After this experience I have felt more present, happier, motivated and inspired” 

- Anastasia, MA student Madrid, Spain

“I have done your meditation twice now and I really love it!  Can’t wait to subscribe to the rest.  Really nice job, Bravo”

- LM, Marketing Director Geneva, CH


A mindset specialist will help you navigate your way to a happier and healthier life


One to One Guided Meditation

For anyone who would like to learn the basics of meditation and my sensory approach or for someone who would like to expand their existing practice.  Let me take you on a journey


The Expressive Arts

For someone who would like to explore non-verbal communication and the arts.  This session will deliberately vary your perspective.  Its low skill so no art making experience required.  


Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Challenge

Create the life that you want through guided meditation and mindful practices.  Take the challenge over seven weeks.  I teach you the basics of my sensory approach and how to use your mind body connection to create success in areas of your life you wish to improve or change. 

The Meditation Mindset Feed

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