Connect with Colour

A workshop for anyone who would like to discover their inner power through meditation, visualization and art making.  Come and nourish your soul


Let's get Creative! One to One Online

The arts gives us a platform to explore our potential, process or create a shift in an area of our lives we want to change.


Free Writing and Storytelling

From dinner party icebreakers to a one on one creative connection session.  This is a great way to experience joy and renewal through storytelling.


Expressive Arts in Transition

E.X.I.T: An early trauma intervention. 


What is Poiesis?  To know by creating.  

"We are not always able to understand everything that is going on around or within us. Accessing our creativity allows us to move between what we might not have words for. Art-making and creative thinking can help us discover our inner power"

About me

My name is Destiny Sophia Gagiano; global citizen, visual artist and lover of humanity.  I have had many careers but with this one I feel like I am home.




Mobile: +41 796 593 296

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