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Born in England and growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, she spent her school career doing ceramics, learning the science of cooking, dabbling with the clarinet, field hockey and dance productions.   "I feel very lucky, I went to the same school for 12 years which allowed me to make life-long friends and have a firm foundation to fly from.  I also feel blessed to have grown up in a place of such beauty and diversity. Such a melting pot of culture overlooked by a majestic mountain that meets two oceans."  


As soon as she finished school she left to explore the world effectively attending the "university of life".  Her passion for travel lead her to the professional yachting industry where she worked as a chef and yacht crew for 7 years.  In that time she worked across the east coast of the US, throughout the Caribbean chain, central America, into the Pacific and western Mediterranean sea.

"In 2008 I moved to Switzerland to settle and start a family but the universe had other plans for me!"  In 2013 her experience shifted to the development of the Art of Inner Knowing.  She started a pop up paint to music company and witnessed the benefits of creating a space for people to nurture a greater connection with themselves. 

"I decided to do a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy.  Through these studies I discovered the therapeutic value of colour and ultimately it lead to the creation of my guided chakra meditation series.  We experience the world through our senses and therefore to communicate with our bodies we stimulate our senses and nurture our subtle energy.  This guided series does just that.  Its a beautiful sensory experience, I just want the whole world to try it! "  

She is a trained and experienced creative facilitator, a therapeutic art life coach, a trained E.X.I.T (Expressive Arts in Transition) facilitator, an expressive arts practitioner, a Yoga Body breath coach and a trained Yoga Nidra facilitator.  She holds a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in psychology.


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