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Breath Coaching for Stress Relief - Beginners

Breath Coaching for Stress Relief - Beginners

VAT Included

This document includes:


  • A quick tutorial on structured breath work.
  • 2 short video's on 2 different structured breathing techniques.
  • 1 breathing tutorial without a video
  1. or Box Breathing
  2. 4.4.4 or Triangle Breathing
  3. Cyclical Signing


Interestingly enough breathing is your only automatic bodily fuction that you can choose to change and regulate.  This makes it a free resource at your disposal if you learn how.


Structured breath work is the easiest way to communicate with your central nervous system.


Structured breathwork is the most effective way to relieve stress and anxiety.  Box breathing came in second to cyclical signing (and before meditation) for stress relief.


I recommend starting a meditation session with some structured breathing (ie 4:4) to calm and center yourself before beginning your journey.  If your mind wonders during your meditation, bring your attention back to your breath!


I am a certified YogaBody breathing instructor.


Unplug and tune into your mental wellbeing


With gratitude 

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