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Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire

VAT Included

Breath of Fire as the name suggests will light a fire within you!  It is a structured breathing technique done first thing in the morning to wake you up or before excersize to energize you.  I like to do either on the floor next to my bed or on the floor in the kitchen while I wait for the kettle to boil.


Structured breathwork can help relieve anxiety and stress, help with digestion, weight loss and sleep


This breathing technique is in the coffee breathing catagorie which means it is done in the morning or before excersize and should be used with caution. It stimulates your fight/flight response or your sympathetic nervous system to get you going.  


If you are preganant please dont do this breathing technique until after you have had your baby.


Please watch the video for a full indepth tutorial.  The download is designed to assist you during your actual breathing practice.


I am a certified YogaBody breathing instructor.


Unpluh and tune into your well-being

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