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Meditation Music 852Hz

Meditation Music 852Hz

VAT Included

This one hour long meditation music is the solfeggio frequency of 952Hz which reconnects us with spiritual and higher thinking, seeing yourself clarity, deep dream and astral projection. It is the frequency associated with your subtle energy centre of mind, iedas, thoughts, dream and psychic abilities. This energy centre is called Ajna or Third Eye Chakra. Use this sound healing music track as background music during your day or for your own meditation time.


What is a Solfeggio Frequency? There is a deep and ancient science associated with solfeggio frequencies. They were chanted by Gregorian monks during their meditation. The frequencies bring about spiritual awaken and deep healing. A bit of science- our outer-ear is connected to our central nervous system which allows the vibration of sound frequency to communicate with our body and our subtle energy centers.

Enjoy the benefits of sound healing through these vibrations.

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