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Relaxation Breathing or 4:8

Relaxation Breathing or 4:8

VAT Included

This breathing technique as the name suggests is for relaxation or sleep.  it is usually done lying down (supine position).  I like to do it before bed or if I have woken up during the night and need help getting back to sleep.  This breathing technique really works!  


Structured breathwork can help relieve anxiety and stress, help with digestion, weight loss and sleep


This breathing technique is in the whiskey breathing catagorie which means it is usually done at the end of the day or in the evening and should not be done while driving!


Please watch the video for a full indepth tutorial.  The download is designed to assist you during your actual breathing practice.


Add ocean breath to this structured breathing technique to help you control the length of your exhalation.  A tuttorial for ocean breath is available free in my online shop.


Unplug and tune into your well-being

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