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Guided Meditation 17min to meet your Personal Energy

Guided Meditation 17min to meet your Personal Energy

VAT Included

This guided meditation will help:

  • If you feel you are making decision from a place of fear
  • If you sometimes don’t feel grounded
  • If you want to nurture feelings of protection, safety and comfort
  • Release old patterns that may not be serving you

This guided meditation works with your subtle center associated with our foundation, connection to this earth, survival, grounding, moving forward in life, prosperity and health. It is called Muladhara or the root chakra. I take you on a journey to meet your Personal Energy.

To enhance and deepen the meditation experience we can “talk” to our body through our five senses using

  • Sound: this guided meditation is recorded to the sound frequency which liberates us from guilt and fear. It is the solfeggio frequency of 396Hz
  • Sight: The colour of this energy center is Red; wear red, eat red fruit/veg, turn a red light on
  • Taste: drink rosemary flavoured water
  • Touch: place a red jasper crystal at your root chakra (base of spine or coccyx)
  • Smell: use cedarwood or patchouli incense, candle or essential oil
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