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How can we make other activities that are not considered mindfulness, mindful? 


Mindfulness is not just meditation or breath-work.  Let me explain I love word meanings; I think as a dyslexic word meaning have a certain magic for me as they help me make associations and rhythms to remember spellings.   It also makes language more interesting for me when in general it is a challenge. 


So, let’s begin with the meaning of mindfulness:  it’s a noun and refers to the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.  It is also our ability to choose where to place our attention and keep it there for a period of time.  Mindfulness is not a place you arrive, it’s the journey.  Thoughts come and go; the trick is to not get attached to any one thought but rather let it pass or flow like water.


With this understanding, mindfulness can encompass so much more then meditation and breath-work.  For those of you who are about to embark on week two of the Best Life Dry January Challenge, this article is for you.  This last week was all about intentions, meditation, and gratitude’s.  Next week it’s about fitness. 

How to make fitness mindful? 


A few simple suggestions:

1.     Lights a candle before starting your fitness routine.  Don’t forget to “close” the ritual by blowing out the candle at the end of your routine.  This makes whatever you do just a little more special.

2.     Set an intention before your fitness routine to have an XYZ experience.  Have a play with what you want for yourself and how you would like the quality of that experience to be.

3.     The quality of your breath matters: So, when you are breathing during your fitness, place your attention on your breath, notice how you are breathing, feel it fill your lungs, feel it give your body oxygen and power.  You can go as deep as you wish with noticing the quality of your breath during fitness.  Have a play with this concept as well, it will really level-up your experience.


When all else doesn’t float your boat! Do a walking meditation (can be done inside or outside)


Basic Instruction:


o   A three-to-five-minute practice, set your timer if you wish.

o   Notice how you are standing; make any adjustments you feel will empower your walking meditation.

o   Take a step forward, close your eyes and say, “I have arrived”.

o   Take your next step, close your eyes, and say, “I am home”.

o   Repeat the above two steps.



Say it until you believe it!  Often saying it out loud helps with this.  Take the next step when you feel you believe you have arrived or are home.  This meditation becomes more empowering the more often you do it.  Add a bit of conscious breathing and you will really feel the power of owning your place in this world.  Deep breath in through your nose “I have arrived”, exhale.  Deep breath in through your nose “I am home,” exhale through your nose.


Before we close.  I would love to hear from you on how you are experiencing these mindful tips and teachings.  Sharing also allows you to connect with others who are following a mindfulness in recovery journey, so let’s get a conversation started, there is power in community and I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


One last thing, if you are not doing the Best Life Dry January Challenge, you can still use these methods to make anything you do this next week mindful.  Give it a try; set the intention to increase the quality of how you experience the small things this week through mindfulness.


Blog post written for the sobriety community within Best Life - Sobriety through connection and featured in the Mindfulness and Meditation Group within the App. Download the app here: 

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