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Beginnings: the Power of Intentionality

Intentionality is one of my favorite concepts! I start all my sessions off with an intention and one of my most popular expressive art therapy sessions is based on Intentionality. With a little know-how this concept can be a very powerful tool

For those of you who are starting the Dry January Challenge tomorrow on Best Life, my next few posts will help get you on your way. For those who dont fancy it, these posts will help you get started on your mindful journey. Win win 🙂

The power of intentionality all starts with its meaning: it relates to our capacity to be self-conscious. Being self-conscious is a heightened state of self-awareness. It is also something that happens in our physical or mental minds. The word INTENTIONAL can be described as deliberate or purposeful. So if you are doing something with intention, we are doing it purposefully. The meaning behind intentionality is that of mental directedness towards an object or idea, as if the mind was a mental bow you point the arrow towards an idea, thought or concept.

With a bit of intention, your ideas and thoughts can go a long way! You become self-aware of what you want to achieve and by doing so you can bring it into being. It’s important to be specific, then your actions will be in alignment with what you want. Setting an intention will activate a part of your receptivity.

So, go ahead and give it a try; set an intention for the day or week, be specific and see how it comes into focus. Here are some examples:

– I am going to have a day full of meaningful interactions.

– I am going to breath mindfully today

– I will find the joy in the small things i do

– I will move through this day with ease.

Repeat the intention to yourself, dont be multi-tasking, really give your intention space and respect. Sometimes i find it helpful to write it on a post-it note and put it on my bathroom mirror. This way i am reminded daily what i want for myself with my long term intentions.

Now let's have a little fun: You can also set an intention before an event or action. For example before your next bike ride or work out – Set the intention to be present in your bike ride, to feel the rhythm of your pedaling, the bike interact with your body, the power of the movement, the sense of speed and your body working out, getting stronger… (you get the idea, have some fun!). See how it increases the experience for you, play with this concept a bit. Find your groove.

How i am going to use intentionality tomorrow: I dont like being stuck in traffic, it usually stresses me out and i arrive home frazzled. January 1st, I’ll be heading home along with a lot of other people on the road and, chances are there will be traffic and i will most likely find myself agitated, so i will be setting the intention at the beginning of the road trip to have a calm and safe experience. In the past when i have done this, i am reminded in traffic that i wanted a different experience for myself, i take a couple of breaths and move through the frustration. Reassurance usually washes over me and i am able to move from being agitated to less stressed. I have found it to be quite powerful tool.

With this all being said: start setting intentions for yourself here, there and everywhere! Be specific, do it often and see how experiences start to change for you.

And on that note: my intention for you for 2024 is to have a year filled with empowering experiences that increase the joy in your life.

Blog post written for the sobriety community within Best Life - Sobriety through connection and featured in the Mindfulness and Meditation Group within the App. Download the app here: 

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