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Foundation: Reclaiming the Body as Home.

Updated: May 3, 2023

Why is foundation important?

We know that when we build a physical structure it needs to have a good foundation to stand strong when adversity strikes. Our body is no different.

To be grounded is to connect with the earth when we connect with our body. This body is our vehicle that takes us through life. The body is home. It is our physical structure that we need to stand strong when adversity strikes. When we can identify with our physical body, we know what we need. For instance; I am hurt, I am hungry or I am cold. Being able to connect to our physical body allows us to learn what we need. From birth we are learning how to deal with the physical world around us through our physical body and face its challenges so that we can advance in life.

A foundation usually dictates the shape of the structure and its functionality. It determines how much the physical structure can hold, how high it can go and what kind of stresses it can withstand. In turn, our physical body, if we have a solid foundation, means we can have good boundaries, we can stand tall to face what is in front of us and we feel secure in the face of stress; we can move forward in life feeling protected, safe and secure.

Our survival depends on it!

Fear arises when something threatens our survival. Fear prevents is from feeling secure, safe, focused and calm. Daily life is filled with stress, moments of fear and anxiety. We flex our foundation in almost every situation in life.

Fundamentally we want to survive, its built into our DNA or rather our central nervous system (CNS). The CNS runs our basic physical bodily functions and it has two states of being – rest and digest & fight or flight. Being connected to our body helps us have a healthy relationship between the two and ultimately improves our chances of survival.

Reclaiming our body means this physical body is home and it’s a place of safety. Foundations need to be serviced and maintained. Therefore, we service our foundation by nurturing feelings of protection, safety and security allowing us to move forward in life.

It is our basic right TO BE HERE.

Remember that! You have the right to be here. What you do with that right is up to you. Take back your right to be here, reclaim your roots, connect to your body, connect to this earth.

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of mind body balance and I introduced you to the subtle energy system of the body. Now I would like to explore this system and how it plays a role in living life in an empowered way. Let’s start with the basics, our base, our foundation!

We have seven main subtle energy centres of the body.

Foundation is connected with the first subtle energy center of our body. This is the base or our root. It is our connection to this earth. We call this Muladhara or the Root Chakra. If you practice Yoga, the chakra system will be familiar. For others this may be the first time you are reading about it. As a short explanation; Imagine energy flowing through two pathways snaking up within the body. Where these two pathways cross forms a concentration of energy. These pathways are called meridians and the concentration of energy are called chakras. We have seven main chakras.

Muladhara is responsible for our physical growth, motor skills and permanence (quality or state of being permanent). It relates to our right to be here and to have. Its primary function is to keep our body alive, safe and able to move forward.

Nourishment is the most basic form of support for our body.

We understand this in the food we eat, the company we keep, the exercise we do. We must also nourish our subtle energy system as it drives the physical body on its most basis and energetic level. We can nourish our subtle energy system through meditation, yoga and other mindful practices. Nurturing the foundation of this system will allow us to move up through the subtle energy system to achieve overall mind body balance and live a life of value, joy and success.

There is a free guided meditation to meet your Personal Energy HERE to get you started. This guided practice is designed to nurture Muladhara and feelings of protection, safety and comfort. It is recorded to the sound frequency of 396Hz which frees us from guilt and fear allowing us to move forward to in life.

My wish for you: Take your life in both hands and live it as powerfully as possible from a place of solid foundation and live that life of value, joy and success as it your right to be here.

Unplug and tune into your mental well-being. Prioritize your mental well-being.

With gratitude

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